Hormonal Therapies

If the tumor has receptors for estrogen and progesterone (proteins present on the surface of some cancer cells), it is necessary to undergo a "hormonal" or anti-estrogen therapy. If the patient is in the fertile or premenopausal phase, the analogues of GNRH or hormones that block ovarian activity are added to these drugs. They are administered every month or every three months according to the intramuscular formulations. In addition to blocking ovarian activity, these drugs protect the ovaries to be able to reactivate once the therapy is finished and to be able to consider the recovery... Read More


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Guide to Therapies

Guide to Therapies

The guide to therapies tries to answer the most common questions from patients and their families about treatments that can be recommended by doctors after a diagnosis of cancer or during treatment: when they are needed, when they are not...
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