The Introduction of PCR Testing in the UK

PCR testing in the UK has been introduced for those travelling by air as well as some other transport methods to countries internationally. This has been introduced because there is a clear and ever present need for a robust and tried/tested testing system to be put into place in order to ensure that the testing network is working effectively. Therefore there is a clear need for testing to be used in order to restrict the overall spread of covid 19 globally as well as ensuring that flights and other forms of travel can go ahead unobstructed in the future.

The government has issued new guidelines to promote the use of PCR tests in the UK . The guidelines recommend that a person should undergo these tests when traveling in high risk environments or visiting the medically vulnerable. They are recommended to have a rapid test once a week if they are travelling abroad frequently. It is also recommended that they get a rapid test every six months if they regularly travel within England. It is important that the government continues to invest in this field and ensures that it is a valuable tool for public health.

What Is The PCR Test And How Does It Work?

The PCR test is a non-invasive test that detects the presence of coronavirus RNA. It does not show whether an individual is currently infectious. Until a positive result is obtained, the PCR test will not determine whether a person is infected or not. If you are infected with covid 19 a positive test is a sign of infection. You may need to repeat the test to determine the presence of the virus.

The UK government is considering scrapping PCR testing for some travellers, which would lower the cost of the tests. The tests are more costly, and a lateral flow test can be carried out at home. The government also needs to consider the benefits of a lateral flow test, which is an alternative to PCR testing. However, for the time being, the UK private PCR testing services currently being used are likely to remain for a fairly considerable amount of time. This is because the pandemic is changing and

Why Is This Type Of Testing Preferred?

Overall, there are a variety of different reasons as to why PCR testing is generally preferred for travel. PCR tests are seen by many as one of the best and most accurate forms of covid tests. This is mainly due to the fact that the results of these tests are taken and sent to a lab for further analysis. This then leads to the results being more closely scrutinised and checked before being returned to whoever had taken the test.

Therefore we are likely to continue to see the rapid use of tests across the UK in order to ensure that the spread of the virus globally is being restricted. Due to the demands put on the national heath service, the tests for travel in the UK will remain privatised.