The Heathrow Airport PCR Test Process

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Because of today’s travel restrictions, we must take precautions to keep ourselves safe. Moreover, why not get your COVID-19 Certificate completed near your destination at the Heathrow Airport PCR Test Center, where you will later board your plane? We suggest that everyone familiarize themselves with the guidance for their particular circumstances before deciding whether or not they are legally permitted to go abroad.

The results of the COVID RT – PCR + Fit To Travel & Antigen Test must be negative in order for a passenger to be considered safe to fly and to demonstrate that they do not have a current coronavirus infection. If you are planning to travel abroad in the near future, or if you have just returned from a vacation abroad, you will be required to have a COVID-19 test.

The following considerations should be kept in mind while arranging your COVID RT-PCR+Fit To Fly & Antigen Test appointment.

  • Testing should be completed within 72-48 hours before departure (although this is different for some countries).
  • You will need to schedule your appointment ahead of time to allow for a fair amount of time for results, but not too soon, since you may not be inside the 72-hour window.
  • Testing should be done privately by the patient, and no tests sponsored by the government are acceptable for travel.

Government-mandated Travel Test Package – Coronavirus PCR test on Day 2 and Day 8.

All foreign immigrants in the United Kingdom are required to undergo Covid-19 PCR testing on the second and eighth days of their quarantine.

Covid-19 variant monitoring is the focus of the second day’s testing; this is a gene sequencing test that must be conducted in specialist laboratories. The purpose of the Day 8 test is to verify that you are not infected with Covid-19.

On Day 5, if you are from a country that is not considered a red nation by the UK Government, you may additionally take a Test to Release. If you are coming from a nation on the red list, you must arrange for a test package via CTM (Corporate Travel Management).

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Covid-19 PCR Test On Day 2

The day on which you arrive in England is referred to as Day 0.

The Day 2 test is required to detect any possibly dangerous Covid-19 variations. The tests should be carried out in the privacy of your own home before being submitted to a laboratory for examination.

If you get a positive test result, you will be confined for ten days, beginning the day after the test is completed (i.e. day 13). You will not be required to sit for any further examinations.

Heathrow Airport PCR Test On Day 8

If you don’t obtain a positive result on Day 2, wait until Day 8 or later to take another test.

It is necessary for you to remain in quarantine until day 19 if you get a positive result on this test. Children under the age of five are excluded from taking part in the Day 2 and Day 8 assessments.

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How Can I Arrange A Trip Test Package For Days 2 And 8?

Booking your day 2 and day 8 travel test packages may be completed via our secure online booking system.

In order to count as a day 0, you must select a date that corresponds to the day of your arrival in England (you may choose any time frame). It is essential that you complete all of the necessary fields on the booking form in order for your appointment to be confirmed; otherwise, your appointment will not be confirmed.

You will get an email with your reservation confirmation information accompanied by instructions on how to acquire your unique booking ID.

Once your appointment has been booked, you will get two confirmation emails about your Covid-19 test booking.

The digital results certificate that you will get once your samples have been processed will include information about the test you did and the outcome.

Before Going To England

Please read the UK government’s advice if you have visited or simply travelled through a country on the UK government’s red list in the past 10 days before your planned arrival in England.

If you have not visited or travelled through a nation on the red list in the ten days before your arrival in England, you will be required to participate in the day 2 and 8 schemes:

Take a COVID-19 test and obtain a negative result 72 hours before leaving for the UK.

You must schedule and pay for these two tests to be performed on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 of your quarantine.

You must complete the passenger locating form with information about your accommodation and flight details in order to be considered.


When Will My Quarantine Begin?

Your quarantine period starts on the day you arrive in England and ends ten days later. If you have no other option than to use public transit, you should avoid doing so. You must avoid using public transportation if you are experiencing symptoms.

When Will I Be Able To Exit Quarantine?

You must remain in quarantine for the entire ten days after your arrival in England unless you purchase the day 5 Test to Release program PCR package to be released. 

You must still take the day 8 International Arrival Heathrow Airport PCR test, which must be arranged before your arrival in England, even if your test results are negative for your test release scheme.

Can I Be Released From Quarantine If My Test Result For Day 8 Is Negative?

No, even if your day 8 test comes back negative, you must remain in self-isolation for the remainder of your 10-day obligatory confinement. You may, however, book a Test to Release program and be freed after 5 complete days in quarantine.

What If I Didn’t Schedule A Test Before Coming To England?

If you fail to schedule a test before coming to England, you will be able to arrange one after you arrive. Filling out another passenger locating form is required in order to be eligible to participate in the program.