Best Window Company Tips for Energy Efficient Windows

windows on the side of a building in Glasgow

To keep your house as energy efficient as possible, you should request the best window company in Glasgow to install your energy-efficient windows. The most energy-efficient windows are awning and casement windows. These windows use Low-E glass to block UV and infrared light, and insulated glass fills the space between the panes of glass.

looking outside an apartment window

Casement and awning windows

There are many benefits of using casement and awning windows in your home. They are highly energy-efficient and are also able to ventilate your home. In addition, depending on their design, they can add a unique style to any room which can work to reduce your stress. Window World casement windows are custom-made to fit any space, and awning windows are available in various colours. They are made from energy-efficient low-E glass and can be double or triple-paned.

Low-E glass

Using the best window company to install Low-E glass helps protect your home from harmful UV and IR rays. These rays can damage furnishings and fabrics in your home. It also allows a large portion of natural light to enter your home. Low-E glass also helps improve energy efficiency by reflecting heat away from your home during warm months and absorbing it during cooler months.

Krypton gas

Krypton gas is a colourless, odourless gas used to fill the distance between the panes of glass in energy-efficient windows. Its density makes it an effective thermal insulator, reducing the amount of heat transfer from one page to another. Krypton gas is more expensive than argon but can fill smaller gaps better than argon.


Double-pane windows are made of two layers of glass, which can reduce heat gain and loss. These windows also improve heat retention during winter and reduce the need for HVAC systems. Purchasing these windows can save you a lot of money.


Although aluminium windows allow for thinner frames and more oversized ones, they are among the least energy-efficient ones. They also leak water and produce moisture, which can cause mould and mildew. Aluminium windows are also expensive, and they need regular maintenance.